Georgias English Rose [E–pub/Kindle]

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  • Georgias English Rose
  • J.T. Harding
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  • 07 February 2018
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READ & DOWNLOAD Ï Georgias English Rose And try to keep their growing feelings for each other a secret even to themselves When Lillian invites Georgia to her home for a weekend visit the floodgates burst. This was kind of sweet Georgia is an American who for some reason signs up to help the British in World War II Lillian her roommate watches her when they re in the shower and listens to Georgia get herself off every night When they have some leave and visit Lillian s family they really explore how they feel for each other For both girls it was their first time and it was kinda sweet to watch them muddle their way through this new relationship Letting Lillian s brother watch them once was a bit odd and taboo but kinda hot at the same timeWhile this ff wasn t uite as tantalizing as Selena Kitt I enjoyed it I mean Selena Kitt is a hard mark to reach and until now she s pretty much been the only author whose ff I can enjoy I can t put my finger on what puts me off with other authors but this author did a nice job with the ff

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ï Georgias English Rose In wartime normal rules no longer apply Georgia and Lillian find themselves posted to a new Radar station on the south coast of England where they share a small room. Wow this was such a great read But too short Way way too short Would be interesting to see how the story would have turned out if the book was longer It worth a read

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ï Georgias English Rose And a passion both of them have been holding back erupts What starts as a need for mutual relief uickly escalates into a wild physical passion that neither can contr. I thought that this was sweet and hot and a great read I loved the setting I wasn t sure I was going to get a HEA since this was set during the war and all but I was happy to see the way the author ended the story I thought that the innocent exploration between Georgia and Lil was the best thing about the story and it s what kept me hooked I m don t usually read a lot of lesbian erotica but this one was better than a lot of them I have read in the past