KINDLE [La Nuit du Loup]

  • Paperback
  • 159
  • La Nuit du Loup
  • Paul Halter
  • English
  • 15 March 2020
  • 9780809562596

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Paul Halter Å 4 Free read Read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Paul Halter La Nuit du Loup Read & Download  104 Lf killer who leaves no trace on the snow a victim killed by an invisible hand at the top of a guarded tower a homicidal snowman that kills in front of witnesses There cannot be a rational explanati. Hugely enjoyable collection of short stories of an impossible crimelocked room persuasionPaul Halter is the natural successor to Dickson Carr and captures perfectly the feel of the golden age novelsSome of the tales are of course convoluted and at times credulity is stretched but if you re a fan of the genrewe expect that to a degree anywayHighly recommended

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Paul Halter Å 4 Free read Read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Paul Halter La Nuit du Loup Read & Download  104 Collected here are ten superb tales by today's master of the seemingly impossible crime the Frenchman Paul Halter Coffins dancing in a hermetically sealed crypt a tunnel that murders people a werewo. I enjoyed some of this book but many of the stories had such convoluted and unbelievable plot lines as to make them unenjoyable

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Paul Halter Å 4 Free read Read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Paul Halter La Nuit du Loup Read & Download  104 On for these and other hideous crimes; and yet there is Each story is a glittering example of the brilliant plotting and atmosphere of foreboding that characterized the Golden Age of detective ficti. Paul Halter s Night of the Wolf lives up to the hype these are exceptional tales of locked rooms and impossible crimes I d been an avid John Dickson Carr fan readercollector for several decades and was excited to hear praise of Halter at a JDC site I d tracked down the headline tale in an old EMM issue some months back and it blew me away I finally tracked down this volume and wondered Would Halter s uality hold up in a 10 story collection Absolutely He has crafted stories represented in this remarkable collection that are every bit as good as any I ve read including those of JDC It s almost as if a new found stash of hidden gems that JDC had written under a pseudonym during his peak years had been unlocked Halter demonstrates a masterful grasp of the genre and shows himself as a polished efficient storyteller He pulls you right in and keeps up the intensity and foreboding as he stays on track with little excess prose if any In sum these stories offer superb plotting solid characterization meaningful motives ingenious methods and an eerie atmosphere that drips off the 150 pages Another impressive aspect is that the stories are fair clued or he at least subtly tips off the reader to the direction things are headed I found Halter s stories unexpectedly dark and edgy these are seriously good sharply written detective tales A high standard is set from the start by The Abominable Snowman and Halter doesn t falter throughout I felt Murder on Cognac was the weakest of the bunch relatively speaking anyway partly because I guessed at the method I had little deductive success with the other tales which made them all the better The Dead Dance at Night is flawless and Call of the Lorelei is a classic I was caught off guard and spooked by the Golden Ghost and expect you will be too as it offered a twist if not twisted ending The Flower Girl packs a novel s worth of plot on its pages and is as unexpected a Christmas tale as you ll find Cover to cover the book is exceptional and the forward and introduction are illuminating The story lengths are just right and his denouements pack a surprising punch These are superbly crafted mysteries of the type that I ve enjoyed for some 40 years Merci beaucoup Monsieur Halter PS I d love to see translations of his work published