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  • The Moon Riders
  • Theresa Tomlinson
  • English
  • 13 January 2019
  • 9780060847364

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Read & Download ↠ The Moon Riders 104 Myrina has prepared for thirteen years to join the Moon Riders learning the sacred dances the art of using a weapon and listening to her mother and grandmother's tales of their time spent with the Moon maidens Finally the day arrives when she will leave her family and devote herself to the Old Woman Atisha and her tribe of fea. What the heck I had a killer review on this book now I lost it Well I thought that it was a killer review Anyway I ll try it again This book very disappointing It was boringly slow and I am glad that I am done with it It wasn t what I thought it would be I wanted to have a good woman story Her story about Homers Iliad you know the Torjan war Theresa Tomlinson got some of the Greek Mythology wrong but not all of itThe Women were the Daughter of Aries they didn t worship mother earth They were known as breastless women They cut or burned off the right breastto have better bow aim They could have posed for Picasso they were lopsided Maybe they were his musesAgamemon took Cassandra back with him to Mycenae She gave him twins Agamemon s wife Chrysothemis and her lover Aegisthuskilled Agamemon Cassandra and their children for revenge for the sacrifice of Iphigenia What is fascinating is that OrestesAgamemon s son avenged him killing Aegisthus this story was thought to be the inspiration for Shakespeare s Hamlet For Greek Mythology click on the linkhttpwwwin2greececomenglishhist

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Read & Download ↠ The Moon Riders 104 Ved The events that unfold as the Trojan War wages on will affect Myrina Cassandra and the Moon Riders in unimaginable unforgettable waysAcclaimed British author Theresa Tomlinson expertly brings to life the legend of the s and sets it against a backdrop of one of the most mythic imagination inspiring battles in all of history. This book is a combination of historical coming of age and dealing with the conseuences of actions as an adult Set during the time of the Fall of Troy it is a book to inspire young people

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Read & Download ↠ The Moon Riders 104 Rless young warriorsNo sooner do Myrina and the Riders leave camp when a stowaway is discovered Cassandra the troubled young princess of Troy Myrina is skeptical of Cassandra's visions of death and destruction in Troy; and yet when her predictions begin to come true she and the other Moon Riders have no choice but to get invol. Interesting take on Greek mythology and plays featuring the female warriors the taking of Helen of Troy the seer Casandra and othersA very good book I got the seuel I can t wait to read it