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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Vladimir Nabokov Nabokov's Dozen A Collection of Thirteen Stories‏ Download ´ 104 Roducer Aurelian Cloud castle lake Conversation piece 1945 That in Aleppo once Time and ebb Scenes from the life of a double monster Mademoiselle O Lance. Nabokov was a writer s writer a grand master of the written word Nowhere else have I seen such concentrated genius John Banville comes close I had to cut my reading speed in half to work through the density of this writing every word perfectly chosen every scene and character imaginatively described with incredibly insightful and telling detail As for plot the author conjures a series of scenes rather than telling a story though a story does emerge Of course I liked some of the stories than others my favorites were Spring in Fialta and The Aurelian For glimpses of old Russia I liked A Forgotten Poet and for the Stalinist era The Assistant Producer For hilarious character sketches Conversation Piece takes the prize In short I found nearly all of the stories richly rewarding

Summary Nabokov's Dozen A Collection of Thirteen Stories‏

Nabokov's Dozen A Collection of Thirteen Stories‏

review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Vladimir Nabokov Nabokov's Dozen A Collection of Thirteen Stories‏ Download ´ 104 D in Nine StoriesAll were later reprinted within The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov Spring in Fialta Forgotten poet First love Signs and symbols Assistant p. I half expected a Nabokovian dozen to contain one less than the norm but no I did the old trickster a disservice like a baker s round dozen this collection of assorted short stories contains a generous thirteen of the thingsThe first of them the tale of a spasmodic affair of stolen moments between two married Russian exiles across twelve years and called Spring in Fialta is simply wonderful full of the idiosyncratically caressing prose that only Nabokov can conjure up In sporting parlance it s worth the price of admittance on its ownIn A Forgotten Poet the reputation of a rustic wordsmith thought dead for fifty years is resurrected by the dubious revisionism of a new revolutionary generation only for the celebrations to be rendered ridiculous when he turns up again out of the blue If it is him Signs and Symbols seemingly about an old couple visiting their paranoid son in a sanitarium is no doubt much cleverer in design than I could work out but I enjoyed it anyway Likewise Time and Ebb which could almost be considered a science fiction story and contains this exceptional description of a child s impression of his mother who died when he was still an infant I can only recall her as a vague patch of delicious lachrymal warmth just beyond the limit of iconographical memory Somewhat incredibly to me Lance is also a science fiction story albeit strictly an amateur performance with uite casual stage properties and a minimum of scenery That in Aleppo once and Scenes from the Life of a Double Monster in turn focus on two of Nabakov s constant themes the first delusion the second the idea of the double I liked the story of a madman who or may not have been married to a madwoman for a short while but the story of Siamese twins conjoined at the navel was a little too obvious for meOf the rest two of them later formed part of his autobiography Speak Memory First Love tells of exactly that while Mademoiselle O is about the Swiss governess he and his brother had for several years The writing of these two pieces appear sincere than his usual way which you would expect but could he really recall so vividly such detailed scenes experienced through five year old eyes Who cares they are so exuisiteA final word for his closing statement in the Bibliographical Note at the end of my edition He confirms that the above two stories are true to life then concludes As to the rest I am no guilty of imitating real life than real life is responsible for plagiarizing me Well said Vlad

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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Vladimir Nabokov Nabokov's Dozen A Collection of Thirteen Stories‏ Download ´ 104 Nabokov's Dozen 1958 a collection of 13 short stories by Vladimir Nabokov previously published in American magazines Nine of them also previously appeare. We all know Nabokov from works such as Lolita and Speak Memory but how is he as a short story writer Excellent of course although anytime you are presented with 13 stories your reaction to some will be mixed And this collection is a mixed bag in style and uality with short stories essays memoirs One piece Lance is a work of science fiction about a space traveler Cloud Castle Lake is Kafkaesue a man wins a train trip excursion through Germany and the other travelers bully and torment him In Spring in Fialta a man and a woman keep running into each other over the years in various capitals of Europe This is a haunting story with a tragic ending based on the theme of what was the purpose of fate in bringing us constantly together Nabokov scatters reflections upon writing in the stories Here s one I liked from Spring in Fialta Having mastered the art of verbal invention to perfection he particularly prided himself on being a writer personally I could never understand what was the good of thinking up books of penning things that had not really happened in some way or other In Mademoiselle O a piece in homage to his nanny he has a passage about how when he lends a real item from his past to a character in his writings it starts to fade in importance from his own life and becomes identified with its fictional use Some things never change That in Aleppo Once has a passage about refugees two women and a child trying to dig a grave with a stick and their hands to bury the father or grandfather who had been accompanying them There are butterflies of course The Aurelian is a tragic story of a man who owns a shop for butterfly collectors and spends his entire life dreaming of an exotic trip to collect specimensThese pieces are from the late 1930 s to the late 1950 s when the author was in Berlin and Paris then Boston Wellesley College and then Ithaca Cornell As always with Nabokov you need your dictionary at hand or on line For example within a few pages I looked up ecchymotic susurrus and entoptic uite a mixture but all in all good stories well worth reading