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  • 20 June 2018
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Summary ✓ Come Home at Once 102 Guy Atkins Æ 2 Characters Alf the price of sending a letter and with same day delivery in urban areas Britain became obsessed with the postcard between 1902 and 1914 By the outbreak of the First World War the Post Office was delivering close to a billion cards a year In fact the speedy delivery meant Edwardian postcards were the te. A collection of postcardsSome of the images messages were very interestingReading time around thirty minutes

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Come Home at Once

Summary ✓ Come Home at Once 102 Guy Atkins Æ 2 Characters Xt messages of their day Come Home at Once presents an intriguing piece of social history In it Guy explains just what made the postcard such an Edwardian sensation what it really meant to tilt your stamp and how same day delivery made Edwardian postcards completely different from the postcards we know tod. I purchased this book for a friend who loves mail and postcards and decided to pick up a copy for myself as well So glad I did It s filled with the best treasures of Guy Atkins postcard collection A very intimate peek into Victorian life and personal communication of the erafascinating

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Summary ✓ Come Home at Once 102 Guy Atkins Æ 2 Characters For than a decade Guy Atkins has collected postcards sent by the Edwardians In this incredible treasury of 100 cards he shares the very best from his collection From the tantalising to the hilarious to the downright shocking this compendium shines a light on an extraordinary phenomenon of communicationAt h. This lovely little book that has the size of a postcard shows some curious and interesting postcards from Edwardian times The author also gives the reader some info on the meaning of postcards in those days and the hidden message behind the stamps used The only downside is that the hardwriting on a few of the cards is very hard and sometimes even impossible to read Poppy Pym and the Smugglers Secret Poppy Pym #3 even impossible to read