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  • Geeking Out on 11C
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  • 07 October 2019
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SUMMARY ✓ Geeking Out on 11C Up selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warning. 3 starsToo much shyness and awkwardness on the part of Ed and too much perfection on the part of Mateo But it was cute and sexy enough

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SUMMARY ✓ Geeking Out on 11C Out of my mindPhoto Description A guy with golden skin washboard abs and a scruffy sexy grin is staring off into space He looks like he’s thinking about something hot as he lifts up his sleeveless shirtThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love’s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the gro. And a handjob for the winThis is a very funny sexy short about me Ed a gaming geek who falls for his sex on a stick neighbor Mateo Geeks are hot hot guys are hot funny is the hottest Highly recommended


SUMMARY ✓ Geeking Out on 11C Dear AuthorMateo is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen He lives in my building but I didn’t think he would ever notice me I’m shy I’m a geek and I’m probably too old for him The other day he passed me in the hall and winked at me Of course I completely clammed up blushed and rushed by him I can’t even say hi to the man without being completely flustered But I can’t get him. This one time I was at Starbucks right The guy in line next to me all flirtily offered me one of the sample drinks right Did I flirtily accept and make flirty eyes and talk to him Or whatever normal people doNoInstead I told him that I couldn t drink the sample as I was allergic to milk and it would lead to intestinal problems I then excused myself to go to the bathroom so I could hyperventilateTRUE STORY Reason 132 why I m still single CAN T TALK TO DUDESAnyway I perfectly understand Ed and his Chillier in the hallway than I expected moment I think that may be the greatest thing I ve ever readThe rest was sweet and hot and funny and total wish fulfillmentYou should totally read it