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Summary Twice in a Blue Moon º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Cate Masters Ð 0 Summary review Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð Cate Masters Melanie is stuck with Joe “Buck” Wright a snarky loner tour guide who loves his sled dogs and nothing and no one else But Buck is also trying to numb a painful past Can two people skilled at pushing others away find warmth at the edge of the Arcti. Can true love strike twiceWhen Melanie Michaels first love died she buried herself in grief doing risky stunts on a reality show She wanted to live on the edge of danger knowing it was a matter of time before her luck ran out She arranged for her crew to go to the Swedish Lapland in the winter because it would have been her wedding anniversary However she didn t experience romantic nights with her husband but with tour guide Joe Buck Wright who was a loner and only loved his sled dogs Joe is also trying to put his past behind him Can Melanie and Joe let go of their past in this frozen tundra and find a future worth fighting for From the first page I fell in love with Melanie s character Her grief and love for her husband was so powerful it sucked me right into the story All throughout the book I wanted Joe and Melanie to realize they both loved the same things in life and would make a great couple This was a sweet story of grief and romance all rolled into an Arctic winter in the Ice Hotel in the Swedish Lapland If you would like an entertaining book that can be read in one afternoon then I would recommend this book In my opinion it is not for the young adult but for the adult audience Disclosure I was given a copy of this eBook by the publisher Kensington Books through NetGalley blogger program for review I was not reuired to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review The opinions in this review are my own

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Twice in a Blue Moon

Summary Twice in a Blue Moon º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Cate Masters Ð 0 Summary review Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð Cate Masters Es for her crew to traverse the Swedish Lapland in the dead of winter It’s the one place she shouldn’t go on the one day she should avoid her would be wedding anniversaryInstead of romantic nights spent in the Ice Hotel or under the Northern Lights. ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest reviewI can describe this book in in one word cute No it wasn t one of those books that will leave an everlasting impression on me for the rest of my life but it was pleasurable to read just the same Plus the fact that it takes place in a very wintery part of the world goes along with the Christmas mood and it s a fitting book to read for this time of the yearTo begin with the writing was good and flowed smoothly in addition to very well structured sentences and a wide array of vocabulary Short books are already way too short there s nothing that ruins them than spelling or grammar mistakes so kudos to the author on that note On a less positive note when I first began reading this book I had a hard time feeling the chemistry between Melanie and Joe just because it seemed a little forced to me However after I got a little bit into the book I warmed up to them and their chemistry seemed to flow a little naturally I guess this is also partially why I didn t finish this book in one day Well that along with my never ending search for a decent job which I found by the way FINALLYMoving on the plot as well fell just a bit short for my liking Maybe it s the fact that I have read some books with very exciting and jumping off the edge of the cliff kind of plots lately but it just wasn t enough excitement for me Don t get me wrong it was still far from what I would consider boring I just wish it would have been a little adventurous is allWith that being said I loved how deep Masters ventured into the minds of the two main characters Not only were the chapters being written from their personal perspectives very fun and amusing to follow but they also added a very personal touch I loved that just for that I would be willing to read of the author s works Although with my new job I will have far less time to read Oh wellAlso I should point out that I didn t check the genre of this book before I reuested it and just thought that it would be a romance novel with some smut in it Unfortunately it had no smut in it whatsoever Although that didn t take away from my experience of the book I have to make a mental note to myself that I have officially turned into a horny sex craving reader who loves those kinky sex scenes Yep how interesting I almost wish there were some because I would have liked to see that private moment between Melanie and Joe whom I grew to adore by the end of the book I guess anything to make the short book just a little bit longer Although her film crew really annoyed me I wouldn t have minded less of themAll in all this is a very cute romance story that was just way too short and I felt like it ended just as we were getting to the good part Also an epilogue would have added a little something to the book as well I recommend this to anyone wanting a uick romance read that will undoubtedly leave them wanting without a continuation waiting for them in the future

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Summary Twice in a Blue Moon º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Cate Masters Ð 0 Summary review Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð Cate Masters Can true love strike twiceAfter the death of her first love Melanie Michaels buries her grief in the risky demands of a reality show where her extreme stunts leave her teetering on the edge danger That’s exactly where she wants to be until she arrang. The setting in Twice in a Blue Moon really got me I soooo want to go see the Ice Hotel and the Northern Lights now The whole arctic wilderness was a fantastic setting for this romance Both characters love the wilderness but for different reasons They thrive under very physical conditions and I think I was expecting to see just a little stunts from this It seemed like I wanted a little wilderness adventure style to this sometimesThere was a very slight paranormal aspect to the romance as Melanie feels the presence of her deceased husband very strongly at times But this is about as far from a ghost story as you can get This is about two very lonely people finally finding that perfect someone to complete them It was such a sweet story and I loved the dogs How you can you not love sleigh dogs A few of them even had a very distinctive personality It was fun to see them worked into the story along with a couple of real life reindeer I really disliked Melanie s co worker Hayden though He was too much of a complete jerk Even the bad ones should have a reason or some other redeeming ualityThis book was received in exchange for an honest review