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  • Code Warriors NSA's Code Breakers and the Secret Intelligence War Against the Soviet Union
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  • 17 April 2019
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Code Warriors NSA's Code Breakers and the Secret Intelligence War Against the Soviet Union Read & Download ä 4 Ntroversial role in the major events of the Cold War from the Korean War to the Cuban Missile Crisis to Vietnam and beyond He also guides us through the fascinating challenges faced by cryptanalysts and how they broke some of the most complicated codes of the twentieth century A riveting essential history of the underbelly of the Cold W. Every geek worth the name must have some awareness of World War II s rich code breaking history Enigma Bletchley Park and Alan Turing in England the US s similar cracking of Japanese codes in the Pacific and the origin of primitive computers as code breaking aids It s a classic tale of the triumph of ingenuity creating a massive advantage In Code Warriors Stephen Budiansky asks if similar stories can be told about US signals intelligence efforts during the Cold War It s a promising uestion after all the Cold War was if anything even dependent on information intrigue and espionage but unfortunately after several hundred pages the answer turns out to be No That s partly because the US agency responsible the famously secretive and invasive NSA won t say exactly what it did or didn t do during those years but it s also because Budiansky doesn t succeed in making the available information into a compelling storyThe most interesting chapters of Code Warriors are the first few recapping the World War II code breaking successes and some initial success breaking Russian diplomatic codes in the late 1940 s After that the narrative gets bogged down in tales of bureaucracy inter agency politics technical frustration and the occasional embarrassing exposure of NSA secrets Edward Snowden as it turns out was merely the latest in a long series of traitors who ended up working with the Russians The appendices that describe the actual code breaking process in detail are decently interesting to those with a bit of math background like me But codebreaking is hard nearly impossible if the enemy is doing things right and the last chapter reveals that between 1950 and 1980 the NSA only cracked one major Soviet code and it still won t say what it was or how it was accomplished Otherwise the book mostly chronicles a series of expensive failures institutional calcification and the decline of mathematical codebreaking as a major intelligence resource It s not the riveting techno spy tale that the title would suggest and even what story there is falls victim to Budiansky s undisciplined writing He often slips into moralizing about the US s and NSA s bad behavior during the Cold War rather than actually describing what happened and why In the end I found Code Warriors to be somewhat informative but never all that interesting Too bad

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Code Warriors NSA's Code Breakers and the Secret Intelligence War Against the Soviet Union Read & Download ä 4 Des But things became murky in the postwar years when our intelligence community found itself targeting not battlefield enemies but suspected spies foreign leaders and even American citizens Now Stephen Budiansky a longtime expert in cryptology tells the fascinating story of how the NSA came to be and of its central often fraught and co. Covers the history of signal intelligence during the cold war Mostly the story of one aspect of the national security apparatus the NSA which is a product of the early cold war like much of our defense infrastructure was a part of the US becoming a global superpower Reasons of state always justify such machinations and in reality we were facing the threat of the cold war turning into WWIII so such a thing was inevitable The book covers the history and growth of this agency which was essential for cold war planners It is my belief that such institutions conceived out of necessity begin to take on a life of their own that usually goes far beyond their original design It won us the cold war having an NSA but we paid the price of developing a clandestine state and are paying it now

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Code Warriors NSA's Code Breakers and the Secret Intelligence War Against the Soviet Union Read & Download ä 4 A sweeping history of the NSA and its codebreaking from its roots in World War II through the end of the Cold War The National Security Agency grew out of the legendary codebreaking programs of World War II that turned the tide of Allied victory by cracking the famed Enigma machine and other seemingly impenetrable German and Japanese co. Review originally posted at Book of BoganI guess when reading any non fiction work one needs to consider whether there are any hidden agendas going on behind the scenes and evaluate the material being presented accordingly I guess with a book about the classified world of the NSA one can only expect some sort of shenanigansLooking at the cover the book promises to be a look at NSA s code breakers and the intelligence war against the Soviet Union I suppose with a lionising title like that I should have been wary of the author s point of vieweedless to say the hand wringing diatribe against the actions of Edward Snowden at the start of the book does an excellent job of revealing the author as something of an NSA apologistBudiansky does a thorough job of tracking the history of the organisation including its roots in the Second World War s code breaking efforts against the Japanese and Germans and a few other countries besides He then exhaustively covers the apparently largely unsuccessful efforts at code breaking during the Cold War periodIf you used this book as your sole source of information you may get the idea that the NSA is a poor little agency who can do no wrong is beset on all sides by rival agencies budget problems technical problems spies liberal politicians Sure there were intelligence failures but ultimately it was someone else s fault or a resourcing issue or a litany of other reasonsNow I enjoy a good spy story as much as the next person particularly real stories but this is far from an interesting tale and while it may be of interest with a particular interest in the history cryptography and how the little intelligence agency that could would come to be responsible for some of the most horrendous warrantless wiretapping and mass surveillance of the American public and the world at largeNo wait you don t get that because apart from its early swipe at the NSA s critics in the beginning the author conveniently ends the tale with the fall of the Soviet Union I get that this is the stated timeframe for the book but given that it was released in 2016 a holistic look may have been warrantedCode Warriors is a problematic book to be sure One for fans of cryptography and or those with an interest in history just remember to keep a critical mind