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  • Dark Matter Reading the Bones
  • Sheree Thomas
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  • 05 February 2018
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Dark Matter Reading the Bones Free read Æ 0 Oleman Corona Samuel R Delaney Maggies Nisi Shawl Excerpt from Mindscape Andrea Hairston Trance Kalamu ya Salaam Essays The second law of thermodynamics transcription of a panel at the 1997 Black speculative fiction writer's conference held at Clark Atlanta University Jewelle Gomez Her pen could fly remembering Virginia Hamilton Nnedi Okorafor Mbachu Celebrating the alien the politics of race and species in the juveniles of Andre Norton Carol Coope. This 2004 anthology collects 24 speculative fiction stories by Black authors together with three non fiction pieces I loved the breadth of Sheree R Thomas s selections encompassing many flavors of fantasy horror and science fiction and extending back to include stories from as early as 1920 though most are much recent The three non fiction selections are all of interest one being a transcription of 1997 panel featuring six prominent SFF authors of color and the other two discussing the works of Virginia Hamiltion and Andre NortonI particularly liked Sheree R Thomas s choice to bookend the fiction with two very different stories that nonetheless speak to each other The opening story ihsan bracy s ibo landing retells a folktale about transported slaves walking onto the sea to escape slavery The final story Kalamu ya Salaam s Trance is a time travel science fiction tale that briefly but effectively calls back to that opening story when a character says I m talking about how some of us walked into the sea and most of us stayed on the shoreIn between are a wealth of stories that tackle slavery racism gods drugs werewolves and a great deal As is almost inevitable in an anthology of some two dozen stories not every one appealed to me There were also a few stories that I found effective yet too bleak to describe as enjoyable such as Pam Noles s powerful Whipping Boy in which a 19 year old becomes a supernatural scapegoatAmong my favorites were two of the older selections Jesus Christ in Texas by W E B Du Bois published in 1920 all the striking for the uiet restraint of its storytelling and Walter Mosley s 1967 story Whispers in the Dark made moving by the characters compassion for each other I also particularly liked Corona by Samuel R Delany a vividly imagined story where two very different people a White male ex convict and a telepathic Black nine year old girl briefly meet and each try to help the otherMy favorite of all was Nisi Shawl s Maggies which skilfully paints a future where modified humans Maggies help in terraforming a complex very well told story centered on its characters but encompassing a powerful inditement of racism that managed all this while being a pleasure to readAbout my reviews I try to review every book I read including those that I don t end up enjoying The reviews are not scholarly but just indicate my reaction as a reader reading being my addiction I am miserly with 5 star reviews 4 stars means I liked a book very much 3 stars means I liked it 2 stars means I didn t like it though often the 2 star books are very popular with other readers andor are by authors whose other work I ve loved

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Dark Matter Reading the Bones Free read Æ 0 Exington Douglas Kearney The magical Negro Nnedi Okorafor Mbachu Jesus Christ in Texas WEB DuBois Will the circle be unbroken Henry Dumas 'Cause Harlem needs heroes Kevin Brockenbrough Whipping boy Pam Noles Old flesh song Ibi Aanu Zoboi Whispers in the dark Walter Mosley Aftermoon Tananarive Due Voodoo Vincent and the astrostoriograms Tyehimba Jess The binary John Cooley BLACKout Jill Robinson Sweet dreams Charles Johnson Buying primo time Wanda C. check these stories scary realistic good the whipping boy is crazy i want to read these again

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Dark Matter Reading the Bones Free read Æ 0 Dark Matter is the first and only series to bring together the works of black SF and fantasy writers The first volume was featured in the New York Times which named it a Notable Book of the YearContentsFiction Ibo landing ihsan bracy The uality of sand Cherene Sherrard Yahimba's choice Charles R Saunders The glass bottle trick Nalo Hopkinson Desire Kiini Ibura Salaam Recovery from a fall David Findlay Anansi meets Peter Parker at the Taco Bell on L. Dark Matter is the first and only series collecting sci fifantasy short stories by black authors Like Booklist says on the cover it s a great who s who of African American writers There were a little over 25 pieces pretty massive for a short work collection so it really is an excellent guide or even introduction to black writerscontent warningsI started taking notes for individual stories a uarter through so I don t have warnings for the first bit sorry Jesus Christ in Texas racist slurs lynching The Binary fatphobia BLACKout the Roma slur Corona the n slurShort story collections are usually a gamble with some stories incredible while others fall short This one is no different although some of these works soared Very high Whispers in the Dark and others were just Not something I enjoyed The Binary And although short story collections usually just contain you know short stories this one has transcripts of discussions on what makes science fiction as a genre work biographies and even works as short as a page and a half All are eually as important I love that the books teach you about the black authors that came before as well as the ones alive and publishing todayThough there may have been pieces here I disliked than those I liked the ones I liked I liked Very Much and it makes up for the rest I m a bit sad this is a library book and one the library reuested from another library because I d like to read some of these stories again A lot of them are incredibly layered and deep written to make you think a long time after the first readAnyway I ll definitely be reading the other books in this collection And taking note of which authors strike a chord with me as I go on