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  • 21 December 2020
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Characters The Big Oyster Download ´ The Big Oyster 106 Y founding of New York to the death of its oyster beds and the rise of America’s environmentalist movement from the oyster cellars of the rough and tumble Five Points slums to Manhattan’s Gilded Age dining chambers With The Big Oyster Mark Kurlansky serves up history at its most engrossing entertaining and deliciou. I must say I had rather high expectations for this book I rather like one of Kurlansky s earlier books Cod and how wrong could you go with a follow up about the remarkable story of New York by following one its most fascinating inhabitants the oyster Alas to my chagrin the blurb for the book was a tad misleading The Big Oyster starts out promisingly enough with its description of New York as a veritable Eden of oysters According to the estimates of some biologists NY Harbour contained fully half of the world s oysters and the Dutch called Ellis Island and Liberty Island Little Oyster Island and Great Oyster Island because of all the sprawling oyster beds that surrounded them And apparently Manhattan and its

Characters The Big Oyster

The Big Oyster

Characters The Big Oyster Download ´ The Big Oyster 106 Award winning author Mark Kurlansky tells the remarkable story of New York by following the trajectory of one of its most fascinating inhabitants–the oysterFor centuries New York was famous for this particular shellfish which until the early 1900s played such a dominant a role in the city’s life that the abundant b. I m a big old History nerd and I loved that this book was as much about the History of New York as it was about oysters Kuslansky as usual hits a pretty great balance between basic Science and Cultural History in this story about the luxury shellfish of the modern world which I have never eaten and probably never will Now I know about oysters than I ever expected to thanks to this interesting read

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Characters The Big Oyster Download ´ The Big Oyster 106 Ivalves were Gotham’s most celebrated export a staple food for all classes and a natural filtration system for the city’s congested waterwaysFilled with cultural historical and culinary insight–along with historic recipes maps drawings and photos–this dynamic narrative sweeps readers from the seventeenth centur. Better premise than execution An overview of New York history as seen through the oyster or better the history of the oyster as seen through the lens of one city Its great moments come from some fun historical oddities eg the discovery of a new oyster bed is such major news that it makes the front page of the NYT It sent me running to the Oyster Bar for a feed but otherwise didn t live up to my expectations First We'll Kill My Husband up to my expectations