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  • 05 August 2020
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Review ☆ The Beckoning Lady 102 Visit than twenty years ago ‘Margery Allingham has precious few peers and no superiors’ The Sunday Times ‘Allingham’s work is always of the first rank’ – New York Times ‘Unforgettable’ – AS Byatt. This is a very odd book After the darkness of Traitor s Purse and Tiger in the Smoke we leave the fogs of war and London and find ourselves in blazing midsummer sunshine apparently in Fairyland Albert Amanda their son Rupert now about five and the ever present Lugg are holidaying in Pontisbright Amanda s old Suffolk home In fact they re staying in her old house where Chief Inspector Charlie Luke is recovering from a shooting incidentNearby their old friends Minnie and Tonker Cassands bohemians from the 20s are preparing for their annual party Minnie runs a huge household on unusual lines drafting in a bunch of children to do most of the work carrying champagne bottles shelling peas polishing cutlery We find out why laterCampion has an ulterior motive He thinks something is Up Minnie s beautiful old house called for fanciful reasons The Beckoning Lady is under threat It seems that some go ahead property developers want to buy it to include in some super scheme or otherSo the story rambles forwards We already know that there is a corpse under a bridge we ve been told It eventually comes to light Everybody is mourning Campion s old friend Uncle William who though aged and ailing wasn t expected to leave uite so abruptlyThe supporting cast are sketched in Emma Bernardine a lifelong handmaid to the arts turns out to be sharper than we might have guessed I don t need to be three detectives to work THAT out Miss Diane the charlady is hiding something Her boyfriend Harry puts on a great performance of finding the murder weapon Charlie Luke and a local girl fall in love and everyone is appalled She is rather posh and everybody condemns her as dullThe property developers who on the face of it are working for a millionaire friend of Minnie s crash the party with some dubious characters and some London comedians put on a show Another corpse floats down the river I don t want to give away too muchHowever absurd the story it is always a delight to live in Allingham s world for a while If you stand back you can marvel at the way she throws so much into the mix and connects it all together There is a lot of misdirection going on Yes the Beckoning Lady is threatened but uite HOW takes a lot of working out and explainingMinnie and Tonker are constantly roaring with laughter at funny anecdotes from their past or laboured wordplay I suppose you had to be there And it s a shame Allingham thinks rustics are amusing I skipped that bit this timeThe party comes off journeys end in lovers meetings almost everything is explained Cast members from earlier books turn up and some take a hand in the plotAnd has anyone ever counted up the Shakespearean allusions

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Review ☆ The Beckoning Lady 102 O unravel the intricate web of motive suspicion and deduction with all his imagination and skill Danger is hardly unknown in this idyllic Suffolk village but it is a less romantic peril than on Mr Campion’s first. This story melds old characters and new with Campion and Amanda returning to her home village of Pontisbright following the death of a character met in one of the first novels and bringing along with them Charlie Luke the powerhouse detective who has been central to recent novelsAllingham s strength with characterisation and odd people is on display here along with some amusing fallibility of Campion who is immensely dismayed at Luke s infatuation with an old fashioned local girl

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Review ☆ The Beckoning Lady 102 Private detective Albert Campion's glorious summer in Pontisbright is blighted by death Amidst the preparations for Minnie and Tonker Cassand's fabulous summer party a murder is discovered and it falls to Campion t. I found this book in a Free Little Library at the park so jumped into the middle of the series somewhere and had to run to catch up with Campion and other characters That added to the use of idiom and cockney and other dialect kept me somewhat confused throughout Still I enjoyed the mystery and the humor It was a little like watching a Thin Man movie with Nick and Nora Charles and all the multitude of talkative and scattered characters I have another of the series so will see how I fare with it Levels of Life enjoyed the mystery and the humor It was a little like watching a Thin Man movie with Nick and Nora Charles and all the multitude of talkative and scattered characters I have another of the series so will see how I fare with it