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  • Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2
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  • 13 November 2019
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Summary Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2 108 So why does the PI believe a teacher who insists she’s being framed Joanna Barnes is totally convincingin ways than one The chemistry between. Follow the money and you can find the culpritIn this Chicago high school we have a young beautiful high achieving teacher Joanna who was loved by most of the students teachers and administrators alike There was however one teacher who hated Joanna and was greedy for riches So said devious teacher and a lazy but intelligent male student falsely accused Joanna of sexually abusing the male student It helps to have friends in high places In this case the highly affluent Black family the family s last name is Black came to the rescue Let s see mama Black is a judge daddy Black is police commissioner several brothers are police officers the sisters and one brother are attorneys and our hero Mingus Black is a private investigator and former police officer

characters Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2

Summary Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2 108 Mingus and Joanna becomes perilously potent but until he can find out who framed her for a heinous crime everything they love hangs in the balan. What do you do when someone is trying to destroy your life You fight back That s what Joanna Barnes has to do in order to figure out who is trying to ruin herEnter Mingus Black of the Chicago Blacks the family full of law enforcement officials Mingus is doing a favor for his brother and sister who is Joanna s best friend to work this case But what he doesn t expect is the heat that flows between him and Joanna when they first meetThis book had me all in my feelings I was ready to choke out some folks and knock some sense into others The characters are very well rounded You can feel the emotions that take place through out this bookMingus and Joanna have to work through their own trust issues while attempting to fight the attraction they have

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Summary Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2 108 Proving her innocenceat all costsThe exciting second book of the To Serve and Seduce miniseriesFormer Chicago cop Mingus Black is used to liars. From Net galley for a book tour This is book second in a series This one featuring Mingus Black and Joann A hot book with great characters and family dynamics a true pleasure to read Looking forward to reading the next book