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characters ´ A Rancher to Remember í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Or the accident that killed her estranged sister Helping her piece together this mystery is her brother in law and former fiancé Daryl Loveland Overcoming their gr. This was scrapping an ok until the 50% mark when it started boring the pants off me At the 60% mark the whole married my sis cause H got her pregnant turns into I the h shouldn t have kept him waiting it was all my fault things turned out the way they did Now I am sure there are complex emotions to work through when a loved sibling betrays you let alone a sibling and a lover but here it was a jumbled confused mess I can t even be bothered with the h s perspective which goes from righteous anger to shouldering some of the blame From the H s perspective it went something like Love her loved her didn t love her enough didn t stop loving you Throw in the recent bereavement career issues hangups and the kitchen sink and the the romance just sinksApart from the romance there are a couple of secondary story lines one of which may be the story arc through the series So other than the mc romance the other story lines don t have a conclusion Not the way to get me to read other books in the series

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characters ´ A Rancher to Remember í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ief seems impossible Yet one thing is clear Cassidy can’t imagine her life without Daryl or her adorable niece and nephew But can the ranch ever really be her hom. Full review on FaithfullyBookishcomA Rancher to Remember boasts bursts of white knuckle action two hurting kids and a potential second chance romance soaked in grief and regrets This sixth installment of the Rocky Mountain Heroes series is an excellent book club selection thanks to the many topics and situations to spark discussion If this story was a movie I would definitely watch it and it would be a great pick for a ladies night inIf you enjoy steamy kisses good folks and healthy doses of conflict and reconciliation in your stories A Rancher to Remember fits the bill There s never a dull moment with the Cade and Loveland crew and this is yet another entertaining addition to this seriesI received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review The opinions expressed are my own

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characters ´ A Rancher to Remember í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB They can’t change the past but they can choose their future Globe trotting journalist Cassidy Fulton is back in Carbondale Colorado Only she can’t remember why. He proposed she said let me think and then comes back to say yes only to find out he s marrying her sister cause he made her pregnant And this is romantic He s somehow worth forgivingAnd do not I repeat DO NOT give me your BS about values of family forgiveness and unconditional love If forgiveness means taking cheaters back in your life when he really didn t regret much it is not a trait that is necessary in the world And unconditional love thanks to these romance novels starts sounding like a dirty word to me It feels like I have to love someone unconditionally which means no matter what they do cheat beat and rape I ll love them regardless because my love is unconditional where as I don t deserve any respect or trust