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  • Hardcover
  • 308
  • Hollow Kingdom
  • Kira Jane Buxton
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
  • 9781538745823

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Read & Download Hollow Kingdom Kira Jane Buxton Ó 6 Free read Hollow Kingdom Free read ¸ 106 't uite right His most tried and true remedies from beak delivered beer to the slobbering affection of Big Jim's loyal but dim witted dog Dennis fail to cure Big Jim's debilitating malady ST is left with no choice but to abandon his old life and venture out into a wild and frightening new world with his trusty steed Dennis where he discovers that the neighbors are devouring each other and the local wildlife is. This is cleverly funny with a good message but I couldn t wait to be done with it I loved the first 50 pages but it dragged from that point on The message and the plot were repetitive with a somewhat simplistic view of nature I often zone out when reading battle preparations and scenes and there were numerous fights and conflicts going on here The main character is a precocious crow that uses his human training to unite with nature and animals to save the human race If you have a romanticized notion about nature especially birds this book is for you I m already an outlier regarding stars and I think many people will enjoy this immensely humorous book

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Read & Download Hollow Kingdom Kira Jane Buxton Ó 6 Free read Hollow Kingdom Free read ¸ 106 One pet crow fights to save humanity from an apocalypse in this uniuely hilarious debut from a genre bending literary authorST a domesticated crow is a bird of simple pleasures hanging out with his owner Big Jim trading insults with Seattle's wild crows those idiots and enjoying the finest food humankind has to offer Cheetos ®Then Big Jim's eyeball falls out of his head and ST starts to feel like something isn. Looking for something out of the ordinary I am pretty certain I ve not read another book remotely like this one A personality filled crow who is attempting to save the world from the apocalypse along with his trusty steed Dennis the dog I LOVED these memorable characters I adored the Seattle setting The creativity and originality are absolutely astounding not to mention it s a smooth read from start to finish Reading it was a delightful experience I highly recommend it I received a complimentary copy from the publisher All opinions are my ownMany of my reviews can also be found on my instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader

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Read & Download Hollow Kingdom Kira Jane Buxton Ó 6 Free read Hollow Kingdom Free read ¸ 106 Abuzz with rumors of dangerous new predators roaming Seattle Humanity's extinction has seemingly arrived and the only one determined to save it is a foul mouthed crow whose knowledge of the world around him comes from his TV watching education Hollow Kingdom is a humorous big hearted and boundlessly beautiful romp through the apocalypse and the world that comes after where even a cowardly crow can become a hero. This book is definitely outside of my normal wheelhouse Told from the perspective of S T a domesticated crow the world is in the midst of an apocalyptic pandemic Think Shaun of the Dead zombie pandemic And with just as much humor I listened to this and it s one of those books destined to have you getting strange looks as you laugh out loud in public places S T Is the perfect main character He s foul mouthed opinionated partial to Cheetos and other junk food and with an overwhelming love of all things MoFo human ST realizes something s wrong when Big Jim s eyeball falls out He heads out into the world accompanied by Dennis the bloodhound hoping to find a cure for a Big Jim In alternating chapters we hear from ST and other animals trying to adjust to the new normal For those that don t like gruesome this book is not for you Surprisingly it s also beautifully written The descriptions of the natural world are told with a detailed eye It s not evenly strong There are parts that drag But it elicits all the emotions and reminds us of the importance of family whatever form it takes And I did find it inconsistent that Dennis seems to be the only animal unable to communicate with STI did get a kick out of the cause of the pandemic All too realRobert Petkoff is a great narrator Does it sound weird to say he sounds how I would expect a pet crow to sound This is the perfect book for our pandemic It shows things aren t as bad as they could be