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Katerina Martinez à 4 Read Read & Download Wings of Light The Obsidian Order #1 104 Bsidian Order and he gives me a choice join their ranks or die All I have to do is pass a series of deadly trials competing against a bunch of supernaturals who want me dead Sounds easy right There’s one problem with that; I have no memories of my past which means I don’t have the skills to compete Now I have to learn magic fast because I’ve been pr. Wings of Light begins when the heroine is captured and taken to the Obsidian Order She is forced to undergo trials in order to keep herself and her best friend alive However nothing may be what it seems As her powers start to come to light things get strange and unsettling for the heroine I liked this one however it did have some parts that were a tad bit annoying and the heroine really gave up easily on things and then the end seemed like a major turnaround for the hero as well But I still liked it and plan to try in the series

characters Wings of Light The Obsidian Order #1

Wings of Light The Obsidian Order #1

Katerina Martinez à 4 Read Read & Download Wings of Light The Obsidian Order #1 104 Learn to fight Pass my trials Stay alive As long as I can keep my supernatural origins hidden my life is simple It’s just my best friend and me against the world eating dried Ramen and peas watching reality TV and laying low in the city that never sleeps That is until Draven a dangerously attractive hunter tracks me down and kidnaps me He’s with the O. A messI was disappointed after expecting an awesome story from the high reviews This plot is a chaotic mess The snarky heroine talks big but is clueless The typos were distracting Too much randomness without explanation to keep me interestedRead in KU

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Katerina Martinez à 4 Read Read & Download Wings of Light The Obsidian Order #1 104 Omised my best friend will die if I fail and if we both die the secret we’re carrying could fall into the wrong hands Then it’s all over Wings of Light is a fast paced urban fantasy with characters that'll make you laugh gripping scenes that'll make you frantically turn pages to find out what happens next and sizzling romance that'll leave you wanting. HmmmmI read this after reading another of this author s series that I absolutely loved Then I read this and I want to rate it a 2 but grrr I loved the world she created I think it might be unfair to rate it lower However wow I skipped a lot because she was just so irritating This guy picks her up and in a blink pins her to the wall by the throat and she can t do anything to get him off her When he lets her go she threatens him Oh he s scared and honestly based on the world she should have been straight up killed seriously I want to curse that s how much this irritated me Her actions didn t make her tough they made her look like an idiot repeatedly Okay deep breath the FMC is just really ignorant and instead of taking advantage of the resources while simultaneously plotting an escape she pisses people off This didn t change until chapter 9 and she finally starts to see the benefits and starts actually putting some effort into learning what she can However because it took so long for her to get over herself any kind of emotional connection I could have forged was beyond damaged She was so busy obsessing about Fate that she basically forced her will on her Draven wasn t fleshed out enough for me to have any opinion on him Like he was just kind of there blah Most of the characters were like that really just sort of background noise But I dig the cat The cat made of an impact than the romantic interestI m not sure I can read the next book I was so disappointed by her behaviour and attitude that it sort of ruined things for me So tragic because this world she created was uite compelling and that alone drew me in I m not sure if I would have finished the book of not for that I think I m bad at reviews but I may not have like the FMC but plenty of people will I think most UF readers will enjoy the creatures and the hidden others in NYC Having lived there myself you can totally get how you d just pass people without ever paying any attention to them at all which makes a great hiding place eh Happy reading