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Rescuing Lord Inglewood Inglewood #1 Free download Á 104 Ith vigilance and when an accident nearly takes his life he’s faced with a situation which threatens his standing in societyGrowing up in the shadow of her older brother Esther Fox’s acceptance in his circle has been indifferent at best So when she ends up in a compromising situation as she saves the life of her brother’s dearest friend the. I love when the couple is forced to marry and everything turns out so well This was a fun book for me to read I had a hard time putting it down This is the start of another awesome series by Britton I got to know each of the new characters and I am already excited to read their stories This is about 2 lonely people who get to grow and learn after they are propelled to marry by the culture of the time It was so well written I especially loved how it ended

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Rescuing Lord Inglewood Inglewood #1 Free download Á 104 All he wants is someone he can trust All she wants is to belong But when compromising circumstances force them together do they have a chance at finding love Silas Riley Earl of Inglewood is known among his peers in Parliament as the man made of stone As a wealthy peer there are few he trusts with his friendship He guards his heart and his honor w. Kindle freebie romance time again 35 stars for this one I m rounding up because I m giving an indie author the benefit of the break hereEsther Fox is an orphaned young woman living with her well meaning but fairly indifferent stepbrother and his wife Her only relative her brother Isaac is on the Continent fighting Napoleon s armies When she ends up in not one but two somewhat compromising situations with an old friend of her brother s Silas Riley an earl he decides he needs to protect her reputation and announces to all and sundry that they re betrothed Silas was already attracted to Esther so it wasn t too tough of a choice for himEsther is already highly sensitive about being a burden and being told what to do by others so Silas s somewhat high handed actions rub her the wrong way and she doesn t feel like she really belongs with him his friends or in his world And so we have a couple in a marriage of convenience who are attracted to each other but having a hard time understanding the other s personality and needs and aren t doing the best job at communicating with each other And then another unexpected tragic event makes life for Esther and Silas even difficultMost of the book revolves around their personality conflicts and lack of understanding It got a little slow and bland for me at times and I wasn t entirely onboard with Esther s issues relating to interpersonal relationships But their characters are well drawn and the book was reasonably interesting and well written Recommended if you like the sueaky clean Regencies kisses only and those were pretty chaste

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Rescuing Lord Inglewood Inglewood #1 Free download Á 104 Earl of Inglewood she is forced to marry him to save her own reputation Once again she finds herself accepted only because of the situation and not because she is truly wantedNeither are prepared for a loss which further complicates their new relationship With such a difficult beginning can they ever hope to understand one another let alone find lo. Cute short and entertaining Nothing extraordinary when it comes to either characters or the plot because you ve already read something like this in other books It is still lovely provided you are in the right mood for this type of a story though