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Read ✓ Poirot Investigates 104 Agatha Christie ¸ 4 Summary Undel bevat veertien korte verhalen waarin de beroemde detective en zijn assistent kapitein Hastings de hoofdrol spelenVeertien voorbe. I mean imagine how some unfortunate Master Criminal would feel on coming down to do a murder at the old Grange if he found that not only was Sherlock Holmes putting in the weekend there but Hercule Poirot as wellPG WodehouseThis is a collection of short stories featuring world s best detective 2 and his clueless sidekick My edition has 14 stories total In them Hercule Poirot get to investigate murders kidnappings thefts and other related crimes Even in the short form of her mysteries The Dame Agatha Christie manages to make them complicated enough to make the solution incomprehensible to the readers at first sight As well as at second And third And so on Until Poirot explains them that is I managed to solve one of them before Poirot Yay for me To be fair I need to say that I clearly remembered another one from a previous read so that one does not count This makes the score 121 Poirot beat me As far as characters go Captain Hastings is way too clueless to be any interesting Although he does his only job marvelously he provides great contrast between his mental abilities and Poirot s Luckily this is one of the few books he appears in Poirot however provides enough colorful character zest to than make up for Hastings shortcomings I have a confession to make I have read every single book of The ueen of Mystery I could get my hands on but this is not what the confession is about I thought her books would not be as great on the second read Thus I kept reading mediocre books kinda bad books and outright bad ones Until one day I started on one of her books again Again I was hooked Why in the worlds was I waiting for such a long time I can only assume I had a temporary lowering of I

Summary Poirot Investigates

Poirot Investigates

Read ✓ Poirot Investigates 104 Agatha Christie ¸ 4 Summary Agatha Christie's schepping Hercule Poirot is in de loop der jaren een even legendarische speurder geworden als Sherlock Holmes Deze b. This is a collection of Hercule Poirot short stories eleven of them altogether and each case deviously clever than the lastI am not a huge fan of short stories in general because I like longer involved stories where I can explore the surroundings and the characters in depth I am also a big fan of plots that include sub plots and short stories don t have the space for most of those extras However I must add that Agatha Christie writes short stories very very well The pace is fast and even though there is only one main plot it always has sufficient sides to it to keep Poirot and Captain Hastings on their toesWell having said that Captain Hastings is always a step or two behind Poirot Luckily Monsieur Poirot is also a gentleman and he is adept at smoothing ruffled feathers even Captain Hastings For me the best part of these short stories is that they were all very good very entertaining and I wasn t left wondering for very long how each crime was committed and what tiny inconsistencies led Hercule Poirot to the solution

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Read ✓ Poirot Investigates 104 Agatha Christie ¸ 4 Summary Elden van de geniale manier waarop Poirot zijn kleine grijze cellen weet te gebruiken om zelf de meest ingewikkelde puzzels op te loss. This is an interesting collection of Poirot stories first published in 1924 and all of which feature Hastings as narrator Hastings often comments on how conceited Poirot is although this is justified as Poirot uses his little grey cells to solve many mysteries and even wins a bet with Japp during this book The stories involve missing jewels blackmail mysterious insurance claims the even intriguing case of a very cheap flat in an expensive part of London unheard of which piues Poirot s interest and With Italian nobleman a missing Prime Minister and a possible Egyptian curse obviously inspired by the discovery of Tutankhamun s tomb in 1922 this is a really fun collection with some influential clients beating a past to Poirot s London flat to ask his advice Although I do prefer novels to short stories this was an interesting book Poirot is at his ease in these stories brimming with confidence in his abilities and always eager to take on a new case This is the third Poirot book and the very first collection of short stories featuring Poirot and Hastings