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  • Hardcover
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  • Red November
  • W. Craig Reed
  • English
  • 07 September 2020
  • 9780061806766

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Free download Red November 105 “Red November delivers the real life feel and fears of submariners who risked their lives to keep the peace”  Steve Berry author of The Paris VendettaW Craig Reed a former navy diver and fast attack submariner provides a riveting portrayal of the secre. This one sounded like my kind of book I served onboard a submarine tender in the Vietnam era Unfortunately the writing was terrible and the stories as far as I got weren t all that interesting Abandoned after reading maybe 14 and skimming another uarter Not for me 15 stars courtesy roundup Read the 1 and 2 star reviews before you read this one Popinjay Stairs you read this one

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Free download Red November 105 E Cold War earning raves from New York Times bestselling authors David Morrell who calls it “palpably gripping” and James Rollins who says “If Tom Clancy had turned The Hunt for Red October into a nonfiction thriller Red November might be the result?. Red November has the verve of a good Tom Clancy novel but it s all true Based on the author s experience as a submariner and navy diver along with interviews of submarine veterans on both sides of the Cold War Red November reveals the heroism of life under the waves and how close we came to nuclear warThe author s father helped develop a key technology called Boresight which triangulated burst transmissions from Soviet submarines During the Cuban Missile crisis four Soviet attacks carrying nuclear torpedoes represented the biggest threat to the American uarantine Boresight vectored anti sub warfare groups For tense days the fate of the world rested in the hands of four Soviet captains and political officers men sweltering and covered in heat rashes passing out from CO2 levels frightened of their failing euipment and bombardment by signalling depth charges These men had a button which would make the Americans go away and also precipitate an all out war We re here because they declined to the end the worldEven in the submarine Cold War wasn t a shooting war it was plenty dangerous American captain sailed extremely aggressively passing within a handful of meters of their Soviet counterparts to collect intelligence and be in a position to destroy enemy boomers before they could launch their missiles This resulted in several collisions including one between USS Drum and K 324 that the author was present for And of the course the crown jewel of the secret war was Operation Ivy Bells where US submarines penetrated into the Vladivostok harbor to tap a submarine cable at least until a disgruntled NSA employee blew the entire program Red November is a thrilling slice of life history of a secret war

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Free download Red November 105 T underwater struggle between the US and the USSR in Red November A spellbinding  true life adventure in the bestselling tradition of Blind Man’s Bluff it reveals previously undisclosed details about the most dangerous daring and decorated missions of th. I received this book through a Goodreads online giveawayIn short this book is a collection of genuinely interesting and enlightening stories about cold war submarine history They are assembled in mostly chronological order from a variety of sources which included direct interviews with participants in the various events that are outlinedBecause of the high amount of jargon HAOJ and military acronym overload MAO I found myself referencing the index often to try to recall the meaning of previously decribed euipment and programs Therefore I would consider this of a military geek read definitely not for everyoneHowever I do enjoy history from the perspective of the man on the ground rather than from newspaper headlines and presidential transcriptsSome sections of the book perhaps strung together as they were to keep chronological continuity were thinner than other sections including the last chapter And the author s personal investment in some of the stories tended to lend importance to matters experienced by him and his family However in general it was an entertaining read