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  • BBXX by Rick Kirkman
  • Rick Kirkman
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  • 28 April 2020
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Free read BBXX by Rick Kirkman · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Parents agonize over and laugh about serve as fertile comedic ground as Baby Blues XX takes readers on a relevant and timeless journey through twenty years of Baby Blues What results is a truthfully fulfilling romp through the daily aspects of family life as well as a carefully nuanced tug at the heartstring. It s a little unfair to rate a greatest hits collection of any kind against the normal volumes By the very nature of the collection it s going to win out But even then this summation of the first 20 years of Baby Blues is fantastic Parents will relate to so many of the scenarios and laugh out loud throughoutIt s fun to see the strip evolve over the two decades While Darryl and Wanda don t really age the kids grow up slowly but surely and new children get added Actual character progression like that is an absolute rarity in the world of newspaper comic strips While having characters get stuck in time works for many comics eg Peanuts Calvin Hobbes to maintain their focus and core ideas Baby Blues inherently needed to advance As the creator notes say you can only do so many jokes of a colicky baby and sleep deprivation Having three kids are such varied ages allows for a multitude of gags and interactionsThe creators hand picked the strips to include There s short commentary on a large number of the strips which is one of the most welcome additions to a repeat collection like this It would have been great to have commentary on every strip but that would have likely grown cumbersome both for reader and authors There s also some pages dedicated to the creative process including the history of how they came up with the strip failed previous strips and the details of how they collaborate to create the strip Those sections are fine but not nearly as interesting or insightful as those included in something like The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary BookThe only downside is now that I ve read this book when I go back and read all the individual collections I m going to get a lot of repeats C est la vie

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Free read BBXX by Rick Kirkman · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Hotographs along with than 1000 of the best Baby Blues strips from the last two decadesNamed Best Comic Strip of the Year in 2002 Baby Blues follows young parents Darryl and Wanda MacPherson as they raise children Zoe Hammie and Baby Wren  From temper tantrums to toilet training everyday experiences that all. Great book for anyone who enjoys this comic strip Also a great shower gift for new parents

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Free read BBXX by Rick Kirkman · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Baby Blues XX is a hefty hardcover treasury highlighting 20 years of Baby Blues one of the most popular comic strips in history  A comprehensive and commemorative edition of all things Baby Blues creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott share personal reflections and never before published essays drawings and p. I used to read this since school years Then I furthered my study and started working I had forgotten about itBaby Blues wasn t there when I delivered my children Now mu children are all grown up I found this collectible at BBW priced at RM25 USD6 I grabbed only one despite they carry other BB titles I started reading it yesterday and finished it today It left me in stiches Baby Blues never fail to amuse me when I am single before marriage and became a single mother later on Reading this provided the much needed amusement and sanity while watching your children grew Suddenly they are embarking in a new journey creating new memories leaving me behind sob Why do I feel melacholic all of a sudden I wish my children stay as my children forever