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  • This Hoe Got Roaches In Her Crib
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  • 24 June 2020
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This Hoe Got Roaches In Her Crib

Summary Ø This Hoe Got Roaches In Her Crib G a potential new bae Freduisha needs to make some lifestyle changes so she can upgrade her section sualor living situation However a looming pregnancy threatens to unravel her plans for a big come upThis book is another episodic chronicle born out of the dark gritty social drama storytelling talent of urban fiction mastermind UAN MILLZ THIS HOE GOT ROACHES IN HER CRIB will deliver a gut punching blow to those who don t understand the many trials and tribulations single fathers go through to rescue their children from manipulative ratchet women who use the family court system to their advantag.

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Summary Ø This Hoe Got Roaches In Her Crib S hard to change the course of his life for the betterment of his daughter Mrs Watkins explores the possibility of challenging Freduishas custody of Myyah But as she navigates the complex red tape filled bureaucracy of child welfare services Mrs Watkins decides to take things in her own hand and is willing to put her life on the line for the salvation of her granddaughter Freduisha Pierce a native of the dangerous Englewood Chicago could give a two sh ts about the welfare of her daughter Her mission in life is simple Get money smoke good weed and ride bomb d k Nothing nothing less After meetin.

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Summary Ø This Hoe Got Roaches In Her Crib Austin Watkins and a single father finds himself in a precarious situation Currently locked up in Chicago s Cook County Jail he knows that Freduisha the trifling mother of his only daughter is a despicable careless and reckless THOT who is the antithesis of caring loving black motherhoodWanting to see her son gain full redemption from his current situation Delores Watkins better known as Mrs Watkins is also hellbent on rescuing Austins six year old daughter Myyah from the clutches of relentless psychological emotional and physical abuse she suffers at the hands of Freduisha Hoping her son work.